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OBFILM070 7 inch Interactive Touch Foil Film

OBFILM070 7 inch Interactive Touch Foil Film

Interactive touch foil is transparent touch-sensitive film, affixed to a membrane on the back of glass, transparent acrylic plate, or acrylic panels. It is only a few microns thick. Our thin film display screens can turn any surface into a high definition multimedia display surface.

7 inch Projected Capacitive Touch sensor, through 3-12mm thickness transparancy/Mirror glass or Acrylic to touch. 10 touch points, USB/ Serial Port.

OBFILM070 7 inch Interactive Touch Foil Film

Detection method Obeytouch Projected Capacitive Technology (ITO is replace by Metal Mesh Matrix)
Input method Finger / Capacitive pen
Size range 80 Channel (7"- 26")
110 Channel  (27"- 55")
160 Channels(65"- 86")
220 Channels(86"- 110")
Number of Sensors 80 Channels - 1344
110 Channels - 2784
160 Channels - 5376
220 Channels - 11360
Number of touch points 10/ 20 points
Touch accuracy <2mm
Speed of Response 2.5 ms
Report Point Rate 80-120 points/ms
Arm Rejection Support
Aspect Ratio 4:3/16:9/16:10,customized size available
Thickness of sensor < 0.02mm
Light transmission 90%
Rear Adhesive Permanent
Glass Compatible Various thicknesses, Anti-glare, Anti-reflective, Clear, Chemical or Thermal Toughened
Thickness of glass 0-12mm
Interface USB2.0/ serial Port
Safe Distance 2mm(distance between LED and sensor film)
Function Multi touch, Zoom in/out, Rotation
Operating System Windows 7/8/8.1/10(32 bit / 64 bit)①、 Linux③、Android②、IOS
Driver and Calibration Auto installed and calibration driver
Power Consumption 0.5W-2W
Power Supply 5V USB
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 70℃(-28°F to 21°F)
Humidity 0-96%
Life time expectancy 8 Years
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications UL/CE/ROHS
①   Win XP7/8/8.1/10  Home Edition of Windows only supports single touch,
Multi touch works on Windows Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate Edition
②   Android: Open HID-USB, switch off Report Rate Description, input value of Android’s VID(Vendor ID) and PID( Product ID) into IC advanced settings.
③ Linux: please provide the version and confirm with us.
All above parameters depends on 5mm Glass

More details contact us.

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