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10"-100" Stretched Bar LCD/ LED Display


The high-brightness liquid crystal substrate of the Stretched LCD screen is processed by a unique technology. This makes the ordinary TV screen have the characteristics of industrial LCD screen, high reliability, good stability, and suitable for working in a harsh environment.

The Stretched LCD has ultra-high dynamic contrast, more saturated & gorgeous of color display, more stereoscopic of visual effect, ultra-fast response time, and the unique black field insertion and backlight scanning technology enhances the visual performance under dynamic images.

The Stretched LCD screen can be cutted to any size and size , and the thickness of the stretched LCD Moulde module can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

The Stretched LCD screen uses an imported aluminum substrate, and the ability to absorb and dissipate heat with great efficiency reduces the light decay of the LED lamp. The backlight heat has a low influence on the liquid crystal substrate, achieving energy saving and long life, effectively saving energy, and the product is lighter and thinner.

The Stretched LCD screen has a wide range of applications, such as bus, subway, airport, shopping mall, security monitoring, brand store restaurant and so on.

The playback effect can be arbitrarily controlled by software. Different resolutions of HD and SD can be rewritten by software, single mode playback, network publishing system mode playback, single video single picture mode playback and split screen picture video mixed mode playback.

Support horizontal screen play switching, according to different functional requirements of customers. Various configurations are optional.

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