Interactive Touch Film Calibration tool - Drivers

The calibrate Software or Drivers details, and Compatible with Operate System details.

Download the below driver, Please confirm with us first. If download the wrong files and cause the touch film problem, we do not take any duty.

Products Function Size Software
Touch Film Change direction for windows 7-24inch(80P) Download
24-55 inch(110P) Download
55-70 inch (160P) Download
Over 70inch(220P) Download
High Sensitive for Thicker Glass 24-55 inch(110P) Download

Notice: Above Drivers for windows system only.


For Other System:

Android-Touch Film support

Over Android 6.0 version, plug and play, no need driver.

Over Android 2.0, need Driver, Download


Raspberry Pi

We can provide VID PID to support



It depends on Ubantu system, single Touch or need debug.


Below is the controller board connection.