how to calibrate resistive touch panel-4 points calibarte

Teach you how to Calibrate the resistive touch panel----4 point calibrate

Resistive touchscreen -4 Point Calibrate


Resistive Touch Panel is widely using in our daliy life. When you shopping and check, the seller use their finger to touch the screen quickly, that's resistive touch monitor. When you in resturant, people use their finger or a pen to touch the diplay to order food,... the touch panel convience us so much.


So when you received the resistive touch panel,do you know how to calibrate the resistive touch panel?


-------Calibrate under Windows System

After Install the software, then your picture will show the logo

Double click it,and it will show like below

Choose “Tool”-"4point Calibrate"

like below video:

Then click "drew test" check the effect.